24/7 Monitoring "The Bridge"

One of the biggest frustrations homeowners often cite about their experience in home selling is communication with their agent during the time their home is active in the market. For months, homeowners can be in the dark without knowing if there is any real interest in their home...how many calls have come through and what the comments have been by the prospective buyers. Often agents only contact the home seller when a prospective buyer wants to look at a property, until then you can go months without knowing what's going on. This can be very frustrating and frankly a little scary for the homeowner. Not to mention, it seems unlikely that any marketing is going on if the agent is not able to give proper updates on at least a weekly basis.

Ian Brett's approach is different. He see's homes a sellable product where the marketing needs to be evaluated and adjustments made when necessary. The home owner needs to be informed so that they can make good decisions like making price evaluations.

That is why Ian created a custom Real Estate Report System. It's a 24/7 monitoring program called "The Bridge" and it shows homeowners what is being done to sell their home as well as the activity and hits to their listing.

Take the stress and worry over the progress of the sale of your house away and make confident decisions when your house is at the negotiation stage.