Pick a friend, or go with an agent advertised on the bus stop bench?

After all the outcome will be the same no matter who I use and the services agents offer are all the same right?

Well actually the outcome of your sale can very a lot from agent to agent. The services offered by real estate agents are not all the same. There's at least one agent that offers something entirely new in value-added services for homeowners. His name is Ian Brett, he's a REALTOR® and owner of Vancouver's largest online real estate network called Captain Vancouver Real Estate Network.

Ian wants to challenge you to Rethink how you hire your agent by comparing the services that Real Estate Agent's provide home owners. Ian Brett will tell you exactly what he is going to do to sell your home. There are no vague assurances that your home will have the backing of a solid marketing plan. In fact, he puts in writing what he will do to sell your home. He doesn't replace marketing your home for his own self-promotion. He doesn't promise you that he will market your home but then put off the promises until the home sells or the listing runs out. He also doesn't try to tell you that your home should be in the lower profiled marketing channels instead of the higher ones -- as a way to spend less on advertising the less expensive homes.

With Ian Brett, you get the benefit of his full time marketing team that includes a brand strategist, videographer, photographer, computer programmer, web designer, and marketing expert who will custom design a digital marketing package designed to strategically sell your home for more money in the fastest amount of time possible.

Ian is committed to marketing your home using both traditional methods and digital marketing that you won't find anywhere else. He not only provides his clients with a comprehensive marketing plan that includes professional videos, ads and more. He has advanced training in sales negotiation and consensus building techniques providing you with an advantage throughout the sales process.

Ian is so confident in the unparalleled value-added service he provides that he wants to encourage you to interview prospective agents and ask them what they will do to sell your home for maximum dollars. Please compare what other agents have to offer and you will be surprised to see how much more Ian will do for you!